TheFabGiver: Passionista

"Do what you love and the money will follow." Or so the saying goes. Today's featured twitterer is drumming up lots of money for charity by getting people to put their money where their hearts are. TheFabGiver, also known as Karyn Brianne, does it by making "giving" look good and by following her passions- charity and style.
In her blog for the Examiner, she reports on all the ways ordinary people and big companies are helping out fellow citizens by giving their money, time and services. On her personal blog, she tirelessly keeps readers informed about creative ways to give back and lays out stylish products to support various causes.
Brianne also helps women and girls with HIV/AIDS as a co-founder of The Red Pump Project. Keep on keeping on, TheFabGiver. We see you, girl. Consider yourself backed by the BlackTwitterati.

Examiner Blog:

We're Back!

Get ready for more power profiles and semi-discovered gems on the Twitters. After a brief tussle with the powers-that-tweet over our username, we're back in business with lots of goodies already in the can. Apparently, we nabbed the name BlackTwitterati just before Twitter disallowed usernames containing "Twitter" and recently found ourselves unable to do anything but tweet from our Twitter homepage. The longstoryshort is that we can keep BlackTwitterati on Twitter and make some of the changes we want to our profile. So, be on the lookout for new material this week. And keep those emails and tweets coming!
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