Tweets of Faith: ScottWilliams

Some people appear to have lived several lives in one lifetime. ScottWilliams is one of them. He's a blogger, a working father, a former prison warden (beat that!), and a campus pastor for His tweets and blog posts are full of life experiences about everything from guns to politics to social media. Did we also mention he invented the {Fist Bump} on Twitter? Well, we're taking his word on that one. {Fist Bump!}


Northern Exposure: LeesaBarnes

So, let's say you're a blogger or Web designer who has spent a lot of time honing your craft and doing good work. How do you make sure you're getting the most out of your efforts and reaching as much of your intended audience as possible? Chances are, Leesa Barnes has some ideas that could help you get closer to your goals. She is an expert at helping people use social media to build a personal brand and Web traffic. In fact, she's one of the finalists in Profectio's "Who is Canada's Most Influential Woman in Social Media" contest. You just might want to pop over and give her a vote. Leesa is also an active-living enthusiast so if you plan to keep up with her, lace up your
running shoes.

Blog: - The New Domain

Ladies and gentlemen, as the outgoing president would say, "Freedom is on the march." This blog now sits on . That's right, we now have our own domain. Please feel free to shout it from the rooftops. The blog was moved over last night with only one glitch- our fantastically awesome blogroll was wiped out. We spent most of the morning, putting it back together but we are probably missing a few of our faves. If your blog is suddenly missing from our blogroll, or if you think you should have been there all along and we should add you, give us a tweet or DM.

Big, big things are coming,
The Black Twitterati

The Hoopla Over Followers & "Authority"

By now you may have heard about the uproar caused by just the mere mention that Twitter might one day offer something called "authority-based" filtering to its search function. The idea is that users would be able to sift through search results based on how many followers a fellow twitterer has. For the record, Twitter hasn't officially said it is planning any such thing. But since Loic Le Meur and Michael Arrington are calling for Twitter to add such filtering, everyone feels the need to take sides anyway. See the TechCrunch article HERE.

Social media types who are for the filtered search say it would offer an opportunity to separate the wheat from the chaff, as it were, since the tweets of those with more followers hold more weight than those of twitterers who are whistling in the wind. But those who are against the search-by-numbers, like Dave Fleet, say it would detract from the real value of Twitter because numbers don't always tell the whole story.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see Twitter adopt an authority-based search? Would you use it if it were offered as an option? Is it too much like Technorati?

Image courtesy of TechCrunch

Bringing Sirens Back: BlaqVixenBeauty

No one has money to waste in this economy- not even the product junkies and beauty-nistas. Thank goodness someone is helping the divas keep it all together- from the drugstore to the department store. BlaqVixenBeauty, a/k/a Anjela Dandridge, not only doles out product reviews, she also offers frequent giveaways for readers who want to try the latest cosmetics for themselves. This freelance writer has not one but two blogs to cover all the beauty news that's fit to print.


Happy Holidays from the Black Twitterati

From Geek to Chic: Rahsheen

If you haven't run across Rahsheen's tweets, you haven't been on Twitter for very long. (And that's OK.) This self-described "geek", "coder", and "ghettointellectualentarian" almost always has something to add to discussions concerning the Twitterverse and beyond. Want to learn more about the technology you keep hearing about but don't really understand? Want to find out why you should care? Want to find out how to stay social on your social networks without getting fired from your job or eating up all your free time? If your answer is "yes", check out Rasheen's blog. He's the fellow to follow.

Blog/Web Site:

Live from the T-Dot: Shey Smith

Where are all the great, hard-working black men in the media? Well, it depends on which medium you're talking about. TV and movie producers could find some very good examples among the Black Twitterati. One such example is the twitterer known simply as Shey. This Jamaican brother is a super-networker (check him out if you're on, a web designer, and a blogger who often shows off his adorable family online. He blogs about technology, current affairs, culture, and everyday life. Recently, he was also a guest blogger on

Blog/Web Site:

Today's Spotlight: Afrobella

Want to know if Miss Jessie's Curly Buttercreme is worth the money? Want to read thoughtful commentary about issues concerning women-of-color? Want to hear someone describe lifestyle and body image in a way you can relate to? Look no further than Afrobella. When she says she is a beauty and culture blogger extraordinaire, she isn't kidding. Each and every post is full of her own "voice" and personal style. She isn't shy about sharing her own hopes and struggles- and for that she is greatly appreciated by her readers. She has also pledged to become a more courageous blogger going forward. We see nothing but blue skies ahead for Afrobella.


Today's Spotlight: MCHammer

Yes, the real one. He's the MC Hammer behind MC Hammer. But many people are surprised to find that his tweets are about more than music and dance. Through Twitter, MC Hammer reveals himself to be a thoughful (and sometimes funny), well-rounded entrepreneur. He's also very friendly and approachable.

Web Sites:,

Today's Spotlight: MochaDad

How does he find the time to do it all? By his own admission MochaDad is a father, husband, blogger, and photographer. But he's also a great networker who takes the time to read other blogs, leave comments, and keep his twitter account popping like fish grease. is a good read with frequently updated posts that anyone with a family can relate to. Find out today why MochaDad thinks he's married to a hooker. *winky wink*


Today's Spotlight: TheStyleChild

Today's featured twitterer is one of the original "recessionistas". She has a passion for fashion, but she has always kept an eye out for value and quality. TheStyleChild blogs about fabulous clothes and stylish celebrities, but also keeps it real. Today she rolled out her "Stylin' Gift Guide 2008". Definitely check her out.


Today's Spotlight: StreetForce1

Want to acquaint yourself with a twitterer who always has something interesting to say? StreetForce1, also known as Mike Street, just might fit the bill. Here is a brother who can be funny, but also deadly serious. He runs the news and culture Web site (We found today's top entry QUITE interesting.) If you want to find out "what's the word on the street", definitely drop by.

Web site:

Today's Spotlight: CutieBootyCakes

So you think you're busy, huh? You barely even have time to read this profile, do you? You poor thing. Tell you what. Take a break for a minute while I tell you about CutieBootyCakes. This energetic HBCU grad is a mother, an entrepreneur, a diaper cake maker, a prolific twitterer and a certified blogging-vlogging machine who still manages to put dinner on the table. When she isn't working on her own projects she's contributing to other blogs and partnerships which, as Chris Brogan will tell you, is the name of the game.


In the Spotlight: ILUVBlackWomen

Some Twitterers are known to be highly encouraging and always pushing peers to aim for the stars. ILUVBlackwomen is one of those. He is the brother behind the sista-loving blog He is a thoughtful blogger and prolific tweeter with more followers than you can shake a stick at. As busy at he is, we've lucked out in that he has already agreed to contribute a post to the Black Twitterati blog. That's coming soon.
Find him at

Big News for the Black Twitterati

OK, this might be the most ambitious thing we've ever done. But here goes...
We have decided to do at least one post per day on everyone who follows us on Twitter. This is for two reasons: 1) to continuously introduce new members of the Black Twitterati to each other and 2) to highlight the accomplishments of those in the Twitterverse. Stay tuned for that. The first profile will be posted here by the end of the day!

Take a look... our sidebar. We have quite a list of blogs from the top Black twitterers. Are you feeling left out? If we overlooked you, just send us a tweet to let you know. We'd never overlook you on purpose, darlings!

Today it begins.

Welcome to the first ever post of the Black Twittterati. That's right, you were here at the beginning of something really big. We are celebrating the Twitterers who make things happen and then let us all know about them through tiny transmissions to the universe. Here is where we will keep up with all the news about folks who keep us informed through Twitter, so please send any information you think we should post to blacktweets (at) . We will do our best to sort through it all and have a rockin' blog in no time.

We work hard.
We play hard.
We hustle.
We tweet about it.

Peace and Blessings,
The Black Twitterati Staff
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