Live from the T-Dot: Shey Smith

Where are all the great, hard-working black men in the media? Well, it depends on which medium you're talking about. TV and movie producers could find some very good examples among the Black Twitterati. One such example is the twitterer known simply as Shey. This Jamaican brother is a super-networker (check him out if you're on, a web designer, and a blogger who often shows off his adorable family online. He blogs about technology, current affairs, culture, and everyday life. Recently, he was also a guest blogger on

Blog/Web Site:


Shey said...

Thanks for the highlight, I appreciate it!

But I should correct you that I'm not a father (yet), the baby in the photo isn't mine. :)

African-American Brides said...

Oh, darn! It was my turn to write a profile and a made a boo-boo. Let me go back and correct it.


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