The Golden Rule: Should You Give to Receive?

What's the best way to go about increasing your influence on social medium platforms such as Twitter? It's a question that draws a range of answers from the so-called experts. But among the most controversial of strategies is the one that tells you to increase your following by following lots of other people, including ones you might not have much in common with. In fact, this week we read a VERY interesting article making the rounds on this very subject, called The Twitter Law Of Reciprocity . So we pose the question to you: Does it make sense to follow lots of people with the expectation of getting many followers in return? Should you follow those who follow you (or use apps that do this for you) willy-nilly? In the end, what's the benefit?


Anonymous said...

what is someone really "giving" when they blindly follow? i have people blindly following me who never tweet me and, more than likely, don't read my tweets.

this signifies a vapor-based value system that sounds nice under the moniker of "reciprocity", but amounts to nothing more than fony balogny.

Further, the whole notion of personal metrics, based on quantity, is a dangerous seed to be planting so early on in the history of our online value system. I think we need to lobby for quality-centric metrics and values. Reciprocity should be based not on whether i follow you, but whether i care about your ideas and status. Now that's giving; otherwise known as giving a shit. :-)

Paula said...

Like most things associated with Public Relations, it's damned hard to identify tangibles associated with social networking.

I think blind following will only lead to burn out, as you increase the digital clutter in your life.

What good is following 500 people who won't get you any closer to your goal? Even if they all follow you back as a "thanks for the follow."

Following/friending should be methodical. You should get something out of following and being followed, even if the tangible benefit may not be immediate or even if all you're getting out of it is your curiosity fed or your knowledgebase increased.

Shannon said...

Isn't the point of social media to be social? If you aren't engaging your community, then why are you here?...unless there is a prize for collecting the most followers & following the most people.

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