Eight Million Stories: Around Harlem

Lately I've been having a jones for New York, and Harlem in particular. It may be a while before work permits that kind of travel, but I'm happy to have found a Twitterer who simultaneously satisfies my curiosity about the area and gives me hints on what to do when I get there. AroundHarlem runs a blog that gives daily updates about the people, places and events preserving Harlem's place as a center of cultural activity. As an insider, she gives a wonderful "ground-level" view of Harlem through words and candid pictures you won't find anywhere else on the Web. It can't be easy to pull it all off, but AroundHarlem is one of those online editors lucky enough to have a team of energetic freelancers on her side. By taking us beyond the usual landmarks, AroundHarlem does all of us a great service.

Blog: http://blog-aroundharlem.com/
Web Site: http://www.aroundharlem.com/
Ning: http://www.around-nyc.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/aroundharlem
Myspace http://www.myspace.com/aroundharlem


Elita said...

I miss NYC so much. Harlem always seemed like such a vibrant, fun place to live. Unfortunately, due to "gentrification" I could never afford to live there.

@thejstandard said...

@AroundHarlem brings the riches to social media. Love the blog, the tweets and woman behind it all.

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