Would You PAY to Tweet?

This is the question that's being knocked around quite a bit these days. That's because last week the Wall Street Journal reported that Twitter has plans to sell "premium" features. There are no real details, except that those special options (which could be anything from analytics to a higher quality of service) would reportedly be sold mostly to businesses.

For the record, Twitter founders say there are no fees planned for individuals using the regular service. But, the question lingers: Would you be willing to pay to gain high-powered information about Twitter users and traffic? If so, how much would something like that be worth to you per month?


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't think I would pay for it because half fun is that it is free. I admit it's great communication device but come on why we have to pay for it.

FreeBeing said...

I'm agreeing with Anonymous. I wouldn't want to pay for it, but if they do charge, they played it just like a street dealer: get us hooked with the free stuff, then we're either willing to pay or going through withdrawals... LOL

A.Smith said...

We've come to expect many things about social networking. One of them is that it will be free.

Once Twitter begins to charge, no matter how low and no matter who, it will be a slippery slope. That's been proven time and time again (NetZero, anyone? Napster?)

I'm not paying to Tweet.

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