ErinScandalous: Mixing Makeup and Media

ErinScandalous is a great example of a Twitterer who is combining social media and new media. She's a multi-blog blogger with a focus on beauty, haircare, and skincare for black women. In addition to having popular blogs full of trends and product reviews, she also has an active Youtube channel and a Facebook fan page. Mind you, she's keeping all of this together (and updated!) while she works toward a B.S. in Accounting.

Juicy tidbit: Apparently, Erin is stirring up controversy already this week with a video about the kinds of "Men We Attract As Women with Natural Hair." Whether we agree with her sentiments or not- good for her! When it comes to making the most of social media, we've found nothing as potent as controversy.


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FreeBeing said...

OK now. I've gone & gotten all addicted to your blog! This is the fault of SoSoulfull... LOL

I'll be following you and erinscandolous now. Then I'll be back to see what else is happening.

Great blog. Thanks!

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