Oprah Comes To Twitterville: There Goes the Neighborhood?

First take a look at the picture on the left. Do you know what that is? It's a screenshot Oprah Winfrey's Twitter page. As you can see, the queen of daytime talk has tens of thousands of followers without uttering one tweet. But tomorrow, Oprah plans to dole out her first ever twit on her television show with Ashton Kutcher by her side- at which time all hell will break loose. Well, it will, won't it? Haven't all of the Twitter hiccups in the last week burned the Fail Whale into our weary retinas? What will happen when all those soccer moms, retirees, and other demographics hop online to discover the deliciousness that is Twitter? Can a system that is already creaking and groaning possibly take the strain? Just maybe it can bend a little more without breaking. It'll have to. Ready or not, here comes the most powerful woman in television.

Read more here and here.


My Inner Dialogue said...

I agree that Oprah + Ashton = Twitter Armageddon! But I will be watching! ;)

FreeBeing said...

I don't know how I feel about this. I'm sort of new to Twitter & while I dig that the mix of people makes it what it is, I worry that celebrity-ism will wear away at how we "regular" folk appreciate it. I do notice that so many Twitterers are all about the numbers. I just like the ability to meet & tweet with folk.

Like you said tho: Oprah is there now. No un-ringing a bell & who really wants to?


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