DigitalSista: Ladies First

DigitalSista is one fearless warrior. She works just as hard off-line as she does online. Her mission? To close the gap in the digital divide and make sure women benefit from the leaps in the latest technology. She's also the founder of Digital Sisters/Sistas, a non-profit organization that uses digital media and technology to help under-served women and children.
She has several Web properties but her Twitter stream is where she does most of her best stuff. As the ultimate micro-blogger, she focuses on technology, social media, gadgets and politics. Earlier this year she was
nominated for a Shorty Award
, honoring the best content producers on Twitter.

We're told DigitalSista also rocked BlogPotomac last month when she spoke about social media and blog politics alongside some real heavy-hitters. Definitely add her to your must-read list!


YouTube Channel:
LinkedIn Group: WomenSuite

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