DeBerryandGrant: Daring Duo

Authors around the globe are trying to harness the reader-grabbing power of Twitter. Those who are having difficulty should take some tips from DeBerryandGrant, also known as the bestselling writing duo Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant. Followers are rewarded with tweets that are funny, irreverent and delightfully off-topic. In short, they see the big picture, not just their corner of the universe.

Of course, as their longtime fans know, DeBerry and Grant are two of the most successful black writers today. They first made a literary splash with their novel Tryin' to Sleep in the Bed You Made back in 1996. Since then, they've written nearly half-a-dozen other novels about love and the pitfalls of modern living. Their most recent novel, What Doesn't Kill You, is nominated for best fiction for an African American Literary Award and at least two of their books are being turned into movies.

They're best friends who have been writing together for years while living in separate states. We think it's fair to say that their situation put them on the information super-highway earlier than many other authors. We're just happy to be able to read the little nuggets they drop on Twitter.






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