From Geek to Chic: Rahsheen

If you haven't run across Rahsheen's tweets, you haven't been on Twitter for very long. (And that's OK.) This self-described "geek", "coder", and "ghettointellectualentarian" almost always has something to add to discussions concerning the Twitterverse and beyond. Want to learn more about the technology you keep hearing about but don't really understand? Want to find out why you should care? Want to find out how to stay social on your social networks without getting fired from your job or eating up all your free time? If your answer is "yes", check out Rasheen's blog. He's the fellow to follow.

Blog/Web Site:


Anonymous said...

I don't follow him on Twitter, but I follow him on FriendFeed.

Unknown said...

Thats my DUDE!!!

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