BlackCanseco: Knocks It Out of the Park

"Inflation no chance
To increase finance
Bills pile up sky high
Send that boy off to die

Oh, make me wanna holler
The way they do my life
Make me wanna holler
The way they do my life
This ain't livin', This ain't livin'"

BlackCanseco is one of those Twitterers you really have to try to get to know in order to see his big picture. At first glance he's a blogger of culture, music and politics. But dig a little deeper and you'll find he has a definite angle: It's time to "get out from under".

If you think BlackCanseco hasn't been where you are - maybe working in corporate America, maybe being underpaid or overworked, maybe finding out that you aren't running a race but spinning in a hamster wheel, maybe learning that the good fight is sometimes just a myth - think again. He's the author of Knock the Hustle: How to Save Your Life and Your Job From Corporate America, which talks about his former life as a writer for Chicago ad agencies. The life experiences that gave birth to the book also spawned the material BlackCanseco's followers have access to everyday. You have our permission to join the crowd. You just might learn something.


ReneeJRoss, also contributed to this piece.

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