CandiceNicolePR: Serious Business

Who says you can't use Twitter to conduct business? For months now, we've been watching people like CandiceNicolePR wheel-and-deal through social media.
Working at Black Entertainment Television might be enough of a challenge for most 20-somethings. But CandiceNicolePR is simultaneously branching out by running her own public relations outfit and blog. She's also a contributor and consultant to online magazines. On any given day, you can find her networking with publicists and designers or giving the lowdown on up-and-coming music artists. But she does it all with no hard sell and no demands. She's one more person who is keeping the "social" in social media. Keep your eye on her!



1 comment:

Sonya C. said...

Yay Candice! This is what hard work gets you and you deserve it.

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