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Unfollowing: It's what's for dinner.
Well, not really. But getting a more targeted Twitter following is all the rage right now as social media enthusiasts become less enthused about having thousands of un-engaged followers. There are literally hundreds of tools designed to help you navigate Twitter and measure your success at getting in touch with the right people. But let’s take a look at just 10 free Twitter tools that could streamline your Twitter stream and keep you from swimming against the current.

1) If you don’t mind having your Twitter habits analyzed, MrTweet could help you build a valuable following rather quickly. It recommends people for you to follow based on your network and recommends you to other people. In addition, it collects statistics about the frequency and popularity of your “tweets.”

2) Do you want to find out what other Twitterers in your network are doing or talking about in real time? Sure, you could scroll through various user accounts or do a search by topic LIKE... A... NOOB. But, the more efficient way is to use a Twitter client that keeps track of search terms and functions as a dashboard. TweetDeck presents your Twitter account as a personal browser. It shows all of the people in your network, conversations going on between them, and replies to your messages. You can even respond to tweets right from TweetDeck, without opening another window for Twitter.

3) Twhirl also tracks Twitter conversations about you or any topic you’re interested in, but it doesn’t take over your entire computer screen. While TweetDeck helps you to listen to what’s being said, Twhirl makes it even easier to get in on the conversation. For example, it sends your tweets to ping.fm which redistributes those messages to other social networking services like Facebook, Friendfeed, and Seesmic.

4) Everyone wants to create posts that “go viral”. That’s one reason why tracking URLs is a huge part of social media networking, particularly when you have a message to promote. Twitt(URL)y not only tracks the Web addresses people are tweeting in real time, but ranks them according to popularity. You can even create a Twitt(URL)y profile that will allow the service to track the URLs in their tweets and measure the popularity of each one.

5) If you don’t necessarily need your URL-tracking in real time, Tweetmeme can provide much of the functionality of Twitt(URL)y in a bright, more user-friendly format. It tracks the most popular URLs on Twitter in five-minute intervals, and lays them out as stories.

6) Want to manage your reputation online? Tweetbeep is one reliable way to track any mention of your name, your competitor’s name or the name of a product. It’s like Google alerts for Twitter, in that it gives hourly updates through e-mail alerts. It also goes a step further in allowing you to expand your brand by putting out feelers for projects and networking opportunities.

7) Eventually, you’ll need to find out if you’re doing enough to engage your followers on Twitter. This will require some metrics, but many of the best tools are free and readily available. Twitterless, for example, will notify you when someone stops following you. In addition, it will graph out your follower history on Twitter to help you find out why you’re gaining or losing followers.

8) By now, social media enthusiasts realize that quality trumps quantity when it comes to followers. A good following is made up of people who communicate frequently and remain engaged. If you need a little more information about the people who are responding to you and your message, you might want to consider the statistics tool TwitterFriends. It shows you how many people you interact with and identifies the valuable people with whom you have the most conversations.

9) A location-based Twitter service like NearbyTweets is a must for anyone interested in planning offline events or targeting users by geography. It can group followers by location, help to initiate relevant group discussions, and monitor local buzz about a company or product.

10) Finally, now that your Twitter account is clicking along, let's take this show on the road with Twitter mobile tools. Depending on your device, Twitterific, Twitterberry, Twitterfon, Tweetie, and UberTwitter will allow you to keep up with what’s happening on Twitter through your cell phone or Blackberry even when you’re not in front of a computer.

Here's the most important part of this post: What Twitter tools are you using right now? Do you like the way they work or do you wish there was something better? Which ones have you been thinking about trying?


Unknown said...

Thanks for this post! :)

Black Twitterati said...

You're welcome. And now there are so many new ones coming out we might have to do a PART TWO!

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