Corvida: Professional. Blogger.

Some people are good bloggers, some are extremely tech-savvy, and others are social networkers. Still others manage to do it all with stunning ease. Corvida has the know-how to get your Web property going, drop tips on increasing your reach through social networking, and then package it all so that you can take it on the road via your iPhone. People who say the phrase "professional blogger" is an oxymoron just haven't met the right individuals.

In her early twenties, Corvida has already been called one of the most influential women in technology by Fast Magazine. She's the editor of the Mr. Tweet blog, as well as the co-founder of both and The SocialGeeks Roundtable Podcast. She has also worked her magic for ReadWriteWeb, The Industry Standard, TechCrunch, and Mashable .

What's refreshing is that Corvida doesn't let her connections determine her direction. She still gets genuinely excited by finding an inspiring bit of technology. But she expresses other emotions - like burnout - stemming from the pressure to keep up with all things 2.0. Despite blanket advice about how often bloggers should publish, Corvida recently made the decision to post only when she had something interesting to say- and it's working for her. We couldn't find one useless piece of drivel anywhere on her site or Twitter. The lessons we take away from this young sister? Do your own thing and do what you love.





IdoNotes said...

Huge congrats to my partner in crime on this great mini-bio!!

Chris (IdoNotes eerywhere)

Black Twitterati said...

Hey, thanks so much for reading, Chris. We truly enjoyed writing it. Can't tell you how inspiring it is to see someone so young doing her thing!

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