Classic Hip Hop on Twitter: Rebirth of Click?

Speaking of music...
It's no longer a mystery what your favorite old school/classic/golden age hip-hop idol is up to. There's a very good chance he or she is on the Twitters. Normally studying music celebrities on Twitter isn't usually very helpful for regular folks who don't have "real world" fame. But something very interesting is happening right now in the way these rap pioneers use social media to connect with fans and each other. What we're finding out is that most of them are still on the scene in one way or another, and many of them are still making good music. Find out for yourselves. Below is a list of the classic hip-hop stars (and we did stretch this a bit to include some interesting folks) who have been active recently on Twitter. After thorough investigation, we're pretty sure the following tweeps are the real deal (we left off the ones we weren't sure about):


Could be him:

Anyone we accidentally left off? Let us know in comments and we'll kick them up on the list.

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TaniaLasVegas said...

Don't forget

@MURS and @ChinoXL

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