Michael Jackson Tributes Via the Web

Stars have been paying homage to music icon Michael Jackson since his sudden death last week. Thanks to the internet, people around the world are seeing those tributes are turning them viral. And some of them are really very heartwarming. We thought we'd forgo our usual weekly activities to show you just a sampling of the most popular ones.

Stevie Wonder remembered Michael Jackson with two touching tributes over the weekend. The second one included singer John Legend.

The BET Awards show on Sunday night is receiving mixed reviews. (Be sure to read PittsIndeed's Dear BET: What the F^@k Was That? ) But it also gave us a very classy tribute from Maxwell and personal stories from the O'Jays.


Max Gibson said...

Just wanted to let you know you've got a great website going. Really refreshing variety. I especially liked the Twitter Tools. Great job covering the BET Awards. Keep it up.

Max Gibson

Unknown said...

I love Maxwell...and his performance was so smooth! Thanks for posting the recap so I can keep watching it...over...and over! ;)

Anonymous said...

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