Practically Sweet: HoneyBrownSugar

There is no lack of beauty/style blogs on the internets. But we think HoneyBrownSugar has a great way to set herself apart and we aren't even sure if she does it intentionally or not. She's one of our favorite beauty bloggers and tweeters because she really does "keep it real". What we mean is that she offers loads of tips and product reviews for the times we're living in. Her blog is one of the most down-to-earth you'll ever read. For example, when she talked recently about hair care and keeping tresses moisturized, she could have promoted a posh high-priced product already touted by magazine editors (and plenty of bloggers do just that). Instead, she explained the virtues of a product we hadn't considered before- abundant and affordable raw coconut oil. Instant bookmark.

We like that HoneyBrownSugar reminds us of things we may have forgotten like, well, how to do our own hair and nails. (Yes, we can!) She not only details her successes but also her failures because, hey, sometimes things fall apart. She even throws in a little love-life advice for good measure. What's more, you'll find that HoneyBrownSugar goes above-and-beyond to promote other people playing in the same pond. And as everyone has already heard by now, that's a tremendous key to success.

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Wes said...

Hey thanks for the love!!!!!

Unknown said...

Congrats Wes!!! ♥

beautylogicblog said...

I love Wes. One of my top 5 bloggers.

A. said...

I check Wes' site out everyday! She's saving my strands!

BonafideLatina~ said...

Love Wes' site...go to it daily...and yes she keeps it real and we love it!

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