Pure Dynamite: Danamo

Sometimes, when we find out how much a fellow twitterer is doing, we just cannot fathom how a person can keep so many plates spinning at once. For example, how does Danamo manage to be a novelist, participate in panel discussions, put together podcasts, and work as editor-in-chief of Vibe Magazine? Her Twitter stream is a veritable ticker tape of fashion, news, celebrity tidbits, and inside scoops. But there's one more reason why she is on everyone's list: She is a pure pleasure to follow. This sister is so NOT a Twitter snob and seems to really like people. Hate to say it but that. is. rare. Without knowing her personally, it's easy to see that although she's about business she also knows how to smell the roses. You know what? Maybe that's the secret to how she keeps her energy up. Well, that and her famous Pink Bull. *wink, wink*

Twitter: http://twitter.com/danamo
Blog/Podcast: http://danyelliott.wordpress.com/


Anonymous said...

I love @danamo and her online persona, which I suspect mirrors her real life personality. Engaging, reflective and approachable sister, she is!

Ananda said...

Danyel is inspiring. Her first novel was a wonderful book that helped me write my novel.

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