What's Cookin': BlogDiva of Culture Kitchen

With so much noise in the blogosphere, it's good to see that someone is keeping an eye on the ball. The blogger-slash-publisher known as BlogDiva is both sassy and intellectual- and isn't afraid to show it. She REALLY isn't. We thoroughly enjoy her political and cultural writings on both Culture Kitchen and Daily Gotham . She has a keen sense of what's on the horizon and a fantastic ability to advance stories other people cover but don't dig into. One look at either of her blogs and you'll see that she's not afraid to pull out the charts and graphs. (See this week's post on a wack new theory from the global warming deny-ers ). She keeps her site going with almost daily updates.

Besides all of that, if we can be shallow for just a moment, she has really great swag for her site. We're already eyeing her mugs for our morning tea. BlogDiva is also planning a major a tweetup (more information on Culture Kitchen) so if you're in NYC we would strongly suggest you get with. When it comes to sisters who are doing it all, BlogDiva is tops.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/blogdiva

Blogs: Culture Kitchen
Daily Gotham


MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

Nice... I'll have to check out her sites.

Black Twitterati said...

Do that. We were really truly impressed!

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