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You know you have to bring it when you deign to call yourself "TheDad" on your Web site. LamarTyler is another Twitterati who must be creating a wrinkle in time to accomplish everything he does in a day- like holding down a high-pressure communications job, blogging, banging out some serious online promotions, and orchestrating all the social media that goes along with it. He runs and promotes one of the top-notch family-oriented African-American sites on the internet, with a great layout and solid contributors. combines news and tips with down-to-earth commentary about the issues facing Black families. Each day BMWK offers insight into raising children and keeping that "spark" alive with your spouse while you do it. If you're Black and Married with kids, or aspire to be, make LamarTyler's Web property part of your weekly reading.



MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

Black and Married With Kids is a pretty fly site--I really enjoy the content, especially the perspective: Black folks married and making it work. Definitely a cause for celebration!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the love. It is appreciated.

Dede said...

The best online site for parents of color hands down and my family :)

Congrats Ronnie and Lamar! Keep shining you two :)


Anonymous said...

Will definitely check this site out! Need more positive sites like this promoting the beauty & strength of the black family.

Harriet said...

Congrats, Ronnie and Lamar! Great write up!

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