JNez: Father's Day

What took us so long to get to JNez?
He had already caught us checking him out. So, why no JNez piece on Black Twitterati until now? Our answer: It wasn't Father's Day weekend until now.

JNez does warn you right off the bat that his tweets may not be everyone's cup of tea. But, of course, his uniqueness turns out to be his greatest strength. Daily he struggles with depression, HIV/AIDS, relationships, and accepting his sexuality. But the most important part of his life is unmistakable: Fatherhood.

As many of us have discovered, being a parent shows you what you're really made of. So, while we may marvel that JNez regularly cares for his two daughters (and is currently taking care of a 3 month old nephew) in the midst of personal struggles, it's clear that children are the light of his life. He puts it best himself when he says, "You all know that despite my issues, fatherhood is very, very good for me."

JNez is the kind of blogger we all want to be when we grown up and are no longer afraid what people think. His ability to express inner turmoil and put himself "out there" is completely unmatched and last year it won him the 2008 Black Weblog Award for Best Personal Blog. His online journal makes you question yourself about how much of your iceberg is above the water. Some posts are pure poetry. No, really- in the form of a poem, and always with a twist at the end.

Through it all, though, this is a witty guy! We've watched him whip his rhyming skills and sense of humor into a handful of funny lines (like one "biting" verse called "Greedy" ). He excels at tossing out shiny coins that keep us coming back, because everyone knows Dad's pockets are always full of goodies. Happy Father's Day, JNez!

Twitter: http://twitter.com/jnez

Blog: http://thirtydaes.com/nisbett/


JNez said...

thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


educator/rob said...

You truly belong to the universe J, this accolade is fitting and the foundation that all the others to come (and they will) will build on.

Happy Father's man!

DJ Diva The Mixtress said...

Yeah Jnez! I'm happy for you dude...

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece profiling @Jnez, one of my Twitter favorites!

Keep on keepin' on @blacktwitterati. Great to learn about the real people behind these 140 characters.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Don't be deceived by this guy. Read his blog in its entirety and you will see a very dark and disturbed individual with serious mental health issues. I feel sorry for his girls and suspect that they will need serious counseling when they get older. Drug addition and sexual deviance are not qualities we should be applauding no matter how witty the author. Also this pattern of physical and emotional abuse are disturbing to read

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