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Is your Web site or blog lacking that "thing"? That spark? The "Dang!" Factor? The kind of controversy that makes readers dip back day after day even when they disagree with 90% of what you have to say? If your little piece of Web real estate could benefit from something like that, you might want to see what you can pick up from MaryannReid. This published author takes a controversial yet honest stand on nearly every issue facing singles and married folk alike. When she asks an innocent, be ready for a down-and-grimey answer. Is it wrong to be a kept woman? Are engaged men fair game? Are the best men married by age 35? Is love a good reason to get married? Or divorced? More importantly, she does it in her own voice- often sparking dissent, but deep thought too. She's willing to go where most won't and say the things even her supporters are afraid to say in polite company. Maybe that's why she calls herself the Alphanista. Because someone has to run at the head of the pack. No guts, no glory.

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Luvologist said...

I follow MaryAnn and read her articles. She has some good stuff from an Alpha female's perspective. This is well deserving.

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