Friday Funnies: ListenToLeon

We can't help but admit that we're in a weekend-state-of-mind. Absolutely no work got done at our respective grinds today. So, as we surf the Web keeping up with the Twitterati we love so well we linger on the blogs that make us chuckle. One twitterer/blogger who manages to make us see the humor in any situation is ListenToLeon. His Twitter profile gives him the title of "greatest comedy writer EVER!" Eh, we don't know about that. But he's definitely near the top of our list. And you have to wonder how a seriously smart guy with a serious job got to be so darned witty. Afterall, who had the nerve to ask Oprah Winfrey for 2 mil on Twitter? Who blogged an open letter to President Obama requesting a cabinet position as the Ambassador of Awesome? Who may have accidentally told all of Twitterdom they had a nice arse? Who has a blogroll that rivals our own? We'll take Leon for 200, Alex.


3 comments: said...

Thank you for featuring me today! I definitely appreciate it.

The Pretty Brown Girl said...

Ahhh! I love Leon! He's one of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

I gotta have my daily Leon. I'm addicted to reading his blog ever since his Gout posts.

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