That Social Media Guy: WayneSutton

Not many people use their real first and last names as their Twitter handles. And it's not something we recommend unless you're well-known for what you do, or you're already your own brand. At least one person we know falls into that category: Wayne Sutton. If you want to know more about how to grow your brand or build your following, he's the guy to talk to. His blog and podcast focus on all things "social media"- and beyond. But what sets his work apart is that he has the contacts (and the reach) to give you concrete examples of what works and what is a waste of time. We especially enjoyed this week's post on Crocs. Fashion + Social Media + Marketing = Win, in our book.



Wayne Sutton said...

Thanks for featuring me today and keep up the good work.

Black Twitterati said...

You're welcome! And you keep up the good work,

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