Who's Got The Jazz?: TheJStandard

TheJStandard, also known as Robin Caldwell is a public relations consultant and publicist who knows how to pitch and maintain an image. In other words, when it comes to marketing, she can play both sides of the ball. But that doesn't mean she's spreading herself thin. Quite the contrary. She describes her special niche as "introducing African American clients to a broader market". Find out more about this dynamic twitterer on Twitter and on her blog.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/thejstandard
Blog: http://www.thejstandard.com/


Anonymous said...

Check out the high-def stuff over at Apple's conference in Cali. Here are some pictures before the macbook pros charge through Macworld. Everyone's wondering what they'll do with the new nano, and if they'll be any new touch technology on the notebooks.. . . .

Macworld Entrance

Macworld Banner on Light Pole

At the
corner of Macworld Platinum Attendee entrance

Macworld Entrance Sign for Keynote Address

Macworld Entrance for Keynote Address

Apple Shirts and stuff

some juicy Apple fo ya


Anonymous said...

Thank you! You guys rock! I'm so honored. Dang, who knew anyone paid attention?! I count this as the Oscar/Image Award/GRAMMY/Nobel for folks like me. And yes I thank Jesus first and am crying like Halle! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Robin has been a critical resource to people like me who are trying to learn about and make the most of social media. She shares freely, yet what she shares is priceless, because it is accurate, practical and useful. Not only does Robin play both sides of the ball, she knows her way to pay dirt, and if you follow her, you'll get to do your end zone dance, too! She absolutely merits this recognition.

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